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Remembering Roselynn Sue Turi. 

Roselynn was born in Jackson Michigan on 9/26/14 to Jordan and Chelsey Turi. A few months after her first birthday and just moving to Indiana, she was diagnosed with acute myeloid leukemia. She was treated and cared for at The Riley Hospital for Children. She did 2 rounds of chemotherapy before achieving remission than had a 3rd round to be sure. Then on April 19th 2016 she had a stem cell transplant. She was doing very well overall but unfortunately in July she relapsed. We then tried other chemo's but the blasts kept coming back. We then found about a study she was eligible for in Cincinnati Ohio at Cincinnati Children's Hospital. After fighting with insurance and celebrating her 2nd birthday we left for Cincinnati. Things were different, The chemo was purple and walking around the unit wasn't an option. Unfortunately she didn't achieve remission with the study. So after 50+ days we headed back to Riley. She started a chemo to just keep the cancer at bay. Then just a few weeks of being at Riley she developed an infection.  As result of the infection, Roselynn got very sick and passed away on 12/15/2016.

In September of 2018, we decided to do a ruck in her memory. We raised money for felt Christmas trees and passed them out to the sick kids at Riley.  Then in 2019 we created a nonprofit charitable organization called dancinwithroselynn,inc. and moving forward we will do the ruck/hike every year around her birthday. We will raise funding for Pediatric Cancer Research, along with creating memories through holiday joy and musical celebration.

So to continue raising awareness and honoring our sweet baby girl, we hope you'll join us in our hiking adventure. 

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